About Cobra Coins
Cobra Coins began in 1960 by a man with a vision....

Not really - but that's how most "About" pages start! Cobra Coins is the partnership amongst business professionals, industry experts and of course: our really cool logo. Seriously - look at it! They're snake fangs! How cool is that!?

To really know about us, our owner discusses our beginning, "In all honesty, I started Cobra Coins after surviving Stage 2 cancer. After being diagnosed, I spent 45 minutes having a pity party in my car. I reflected upon my short life and regretted everything I didn't do. Starting a business was one of those dreams. If I survived, I vowed to never have a single regret. With God's permission and after many rounds of chemo I was healed. I didn't waste my second chance at life not doing the things I wanted to do...with that: Cobra Coins began. Our first sale was 1,000 coins to the Dallas Police Department. I'll never forget running around the house celebrating. I still feel the same way after so many years. Since 2009, we've created tens of thousands of challenge coins for the U.S. Armed Forces, police officers, paramedics and corporations around the world. Please contact us anytime and mention this code: About2019 for a 10% discount just for reading my story." -Jose

We do very little advertising. Our excellent customer service, superior products and respectable prices come from our satisfied customers. Creating coins for such a diverse clientele is a privilege. Check out our Gallery - many of these coins were produced in the thousands.

Every order demands our professional attention. Whether you order 50 or 50,000 coins: It's our honor to serve you. If you've never ordered coins before, have a vision in your head or already have something designed - we'll guide you through our easy ordering process ensuring your questions are answered every step of the way.

If this is your first time ordering or you're a returning customer, you'll receive the same exceptional customer support and service from us: every time. Feel free to ask us any questions or read our FAQ section.

Cobra Coins: Cold blooded. Hot Prices. We believe in the Lord and our Heavenly Father. Yes, we see the irony naming ourselves after a snake. Regardless, we are blessed and not ashamed to mention Jesus Christ on our website nor the church we attend: Gateway Church. May He guide us with his eternal light, guard us with his loving embrace and keep us all safe from all evil, forever. Amen.

Treat People Right
Our entire company, services and communications are based upon those three words. To us, this means to treat people with respect, dignity and civility.

Here, your business is appreciated. Since day one, we have offered a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. It states: if the coin you receive differs from your Approval Version, we'll buy back your entire order. To date, our customers have never requested a refund. We take pride in this because it further cements the 3 little words: Treat people right.

Our Guarantee
We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: if the coin you receive differs from your final Approval Version, we'll buy back your entire order.

What's new for 2020
In 2020, we celebrate 11 years! We plan to sell our custom 'Cobra Coins' coin in various metal finishes: copper, dual plated, bronze, antique brass, etc. Examine our excellent quality up close by ordering as many coins as you wish.

We will continue our Special Offers each month. In 2020, we will continue our journey forward with your help and God's grace to bring you superior products at great prices. See the difference with Cobra Coins!

2019 has been our BEST year to date. We distributed more than 1,000 business cards. Our website stood at 29 unique pages with over 7,100 site visitors performing more than 14,300 actions - not including downloads! We sent and received over 6,100 emails - or most ever. We even added a Testimonials page with glowing reviews from our clients.

In 2018 we distributed more than 1,000 business cards. Our website stood at 29 unique pages with over 6,200 site visitors performing over 12,600 actions - not including downloads! We sent and received over 3,200 emails. We thank you for the continued support and allowing us to serve you.

In 2017 we distributed more than 500 business cards. Our website stood at 22 unique pages with nearly 6,000 site visitors performing over 12,000 actions - not including downloads! We sent and received over 3,100 emails.

In 2016 we made an unprecedented journey across the U.S. spreading the word of our superior products! We traveled from Texas, to New Mexico through Colorado into Wyoming to South Dakota then back down through Iowa into Nebraska to Kansas through Oklahoma and back home. It was a beautifully, blessed journey showing the U.S. what Cobra Coins is capable of creating. We distributed more than 1,600 business cards. Our website stood at 20 unique pages with more than 5,000 site visitors performing over 10,000 actions - not including downloads! We sent and received nearly 1,900 emails.

In 2015 we distributed over 2,500 business cards and over 1,300 promotional wristbands. We combined several of our pages and also added new coin images to the site after gaining NUMBEROUS new clients! Our website stood at 21 unique pages with more than 4,600 site visitors performing nearly 9,000 actions - not including downloads! Also, we sent and received nearly 1,000 emails.

In 2014 after numerous designs, updates and revisions to our official Cobra coin, it is finalized for 2015. We also printed our new business cards to include newer coins created. We also added new coin images to the site and gained numerous new clients. Also, we temporarily changed our logo's appearance to reflect Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Fourth of July, September 11th, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. Our website stood at 27 unique pages. We kept website statistics for the first time. We had more than 4,200 site visitors performing nearly 10,000 actions - not including downloads! We sent received and sent nearly 1,500 emails.

In 2013 we added so many new photos of completed coins and pins, we created an archive page for older coin images. We also simplified our website appearance, included a VERY short online survey which provided thousands of dollars in discounts to our customers, re-designed our business cards for 2013 and added new customers. Our website is 22 pages.

In 2012 we successfully released our new logo, added several new pages to our website, printed our 2012 business cards, added dozens of photos of completed coins, added the production of Lapel pins to our product line up and gained new customers. Our website is 16 pages!

In 2011 we completely updated our website from scratch. We consolidated many pages and streamlined several production processes to reduce client costs. We worked tirelessly in preparation for our 2012 marketing campaign which included a new logo, image branding and website appearance. Our website is now 9 pages!

Thank you for your continued support and allowing us to serve you.

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