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Cobra Coins is dedicated to providing professional service with relevant information at all levels of customer interaction. Ensuring your custom products exceed your expectations makes Cobra Coins stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Below are some coin examples to get your ideas flowing. Our goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction. See the difference with Cobra Coins - get started today!

Challenge coins
Challenge coins recognize the accomplishments of our service men and women in the United States' armed forces, law enforcement and many other organizations. Many challenge coins are issued to honor promotions in rank, heroism on the battlefield, valor beyond the badge, successful missions overseas and retirement gifts for higher ranking officials - just to name a few.

Challenge coins were first issued to the armed forces in World War I. Today, soldiers, officers, and high ranking officials whose achievements surpass the call of duty merit more than a firm handshake: their unflinching courage demands a personalized token of appreciation presented in front of their peers.

What better way to reward their courage than with a fully customized, heavy duty, challenge coin? With our 100% Satisfaction guarantee, there's no time like the present to bestow this honor for their service.

Commemorative coins
Commemorative coins highlight notable people, significant events and places of recognition. Resourceful businesses use coins as a branding tool to reinforce their standing in the community. Distributing your message, logo and company information verifies your image with customers as a physical and permanent commitment of your services: past, present and future. These solid metal coins will never smear and never fade - neither will your loyalty to your customers.

Fundraiser coins
Coins are hidden fundraisers! Customers will appreciate their wide appeal - especially with your memorable message on it. There's something special about having a physical presence of your business in people's lives.

These incredible conversation starters put your company's message exactly where you need it most: IN THEIR HANDS!

When purchasing from Cobra Coins, our low prices push your profit margins even further. Once you receive your free quote from us, do some quick math to see exactly how much profit you'll gain after selling your beautiful coins. With Cobra Coins: the more you buy - the more you save!

Memorial coins
Memories may fade, but minted names stand the test of time. Memorial coins recognize and remember somber events such as 9/11, the passing of loved ones and even celebrity deaths. The memories of a warm summer sun and winter fires continue to live on in the hearts of surviving family members through personalized coins.

Placing a special message, prayer and photo on a coin allow the quiet remembrance of those before us. It's never easy to lose someone, especially so close. May they light the way to the sacred place as we pause to remember our beloved family.

Keeping your memorial coin close to your heart promotes healing and provides comfort in our times of need.

Loyal customers
A few dollars spent per coin are returned many times over with this clever business tactic. Many of our clients put their logo, slogan and a discount percentage on their custom coins. These coins are only given to their most loyal customers for a percentage off all future purchases.

Growing your business has never been so easy! Your customers will always have a "coupon" preferring your products over your competitors - every time.

Family Reunions
No other coin will ever be as highly treasured as the one bearing your last name. Designing a coin for a family reunion is as unique as the events themselves. Minting your last name on a coin provides a permanent reminder of the great times, great food and the incredible fun which will always be a part of your family.

A great idea for your coin is having the eldest member write a special message or prayer for future generations. They will gaze upon this family heirloom and have a new sense of family pride.

Unique family heirloom designed by Galvan family members. Minted on antique brass.

Religious coins
Prayers of faith, glory and praise are the reinforcing pillars for peace, healing and redemption. Your special prayer and church's name minted on a metal coin shall forever echo in the hearts of those who carry it. Whether it's the stunning image of St. Michael or Jesus' praying hands, your coin will serve as a gentle reminder that we are never alone.

As we attempt to wade in the pool of salvation, this fully customizable coin provides an avenue of prayer to the kingdom of peace and righteousness. Members of your congregation have Bible verses they hold special in their hearts; minting these verses allows for praise in a unique and special way. Giving the gift of God's blessed word assists us in entering the gateway with pure hearts and peacefulness.

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