Archived Coins
Read more details on each coin by hovering your mouse over each coin (Please note: your web browser may not support the "Mouse Over" feature). Although we can't take updated photos of these coins, we still hold our past clients/coins close to us.

Combat Sustainment Support Battalion from Fort Drum, New York. Wave edge cut on an antique copper coin. Combat Sustainment Support Battalion from Fort Drum, New York. Wave edge cut on an antique brass coin. New York in red enamel is minted on the back. Wave edge cut on an antique copper coin. Green enamel fills the smaller space on the back. Wave edge cut on an antique brass coin. United States Navy coin with an anchor and a faux swirl edge minted on the antique gold coin. Several logos decorate this coin with blue enamel. Wave edge cut on an antique gold coin. Tiny and intricate detail is visible on the Stealth Bomber. Airmen don't let Airmen drive drunk. Beautifully minted 3D Marine Corps emblem on a shiny gold coin. Special message for a graduating recruit. Dallas Police Badge in 3D with a detailed rope divider. Minted on a shiny gold coin. 2D back with Texas filled with red and outlined in yellow. Incredibly detailed 3D coin complete with badge, banner and stars. Minted on antique brass. 2D back with 2 badges and the American flag. U.S. Air Force with wings, star and red dot. U.S. Air Force: Service Before Self. U.S. Air Force Camp Cunningham; complete with 3 aircrafts and emblem. U.S. Air Force, with 4 aircrafts and emblem. 3D emblem with bars and stripes. 3D with color enamel and a simple text divider. U.S. Marine Corps emblem minted in 3D on a shiny gold coin. Alternate version of U.S. Marine Corps 3D emblem with 4 stars on a shiny gold coin. 3D U.S. Marine Corps coin with minted rope designed to appear as an edge cut. Beautiful 3D U.S. Marine Corps minted on shiny silver complete with highly detailed emblem and enamel color. 2D U.S. Marine Corps coin minted on antique brass. The emblem colored in enamel to appear as two toned metals. Uniquely shaped coin with rope edges and photo. Collaboration coin between the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps. Incredibly detailed 3D Seal of the U.S. Supreme Court on an antique gold coin. 2D Teddy Roosevelt coin minted on shiny gold. 2D coin with flying eagle and the American flag surrounded by a yellow border. Memorial coin dedicated to soldiers who've given their lives. 2D coin with spearhead design on top of a star burst background. Jesus' praying hands with 7 stars surrounded by a beaded border. Minted on antique brass. John 3:16 with a special message highlighted: God gave his son eternal life. Unique family heirloom designed by Galvan family members. Minted on antique brass. Galvan Prayer written by eldest living mother. 3D Dallas Police coin created for the Academy. 2D reverse minted on antique brass for Class 314. Incredibly designed 3D Motors emblem complete with badge, cross and leafy border. Two tone metal decorates the flying wheel which is surrounded by cycle chains. 11 stars represent the fallen motorcycle officers. Broward County, Florida coin minted on a shiny gold coin. Shiny gold service battalion coin minted with crown, banner and leafy border. 3D Marine Emblem with star burst and minted edges. Country of Iraq complete with epoxy and their language. 2D image of an eagle holding an anchor. Two banners are wrapped around the edge of the coin. An intricately detailed design including two swords and palm leaves. Highly reflective shield-shaped coin with a winged creature. 3 Stars. Presented for Excellence, United States Forces, IRAQ by the Deputy Commanding General. Brookshire Masonic Lodge commemorative antique coin celebrating their 100th anniversary. 100 years of Texas Masonry located in Brookshire, Texas. In honor of King Johnny & Queen Abby at the Carnival 2004 Memphis. A Mid South tradition since 1931: Carnival Memphis by Lipscomb Pitts Insurance. 3D gold coin with a highly reflective bust of Spartacus. Highly reflective lettering with a beaded ring surrounding the promotion. Highly detailed bust of Ellie the dog on huge 2 inch antique coin. Large 2 inch antique coin with bright yellow enamel. 2D shield-shaped coin with enamel colors on a blue shaded background. This coin shows you can always color your text: antique coin on a white background with blue lettering. 3D antique coin. Notice the highly detailed jet, tank and ship. 2D reverse with a fully customized logo. 3D image on antique copper. 3D reverse image on antique copper. Custom offset and printed coin. Custom offset and printed coin. Two metal 3D coin with detailed police badges. Petal edge cut on a 3D reverse. Wave edge cut Commander coin with epoxy. Reverse Squadron coin with epoxy. 3D bust on antique gold. 2D reverse on antique gold coin. 2D rope edged coin. Reverse of 2D rope edged coin. Beautiful 2D antique coin with brilliant pantone colors. Incredibly complicated 2D design of engineering work. Custom 2D cut of a dog's paw with enamel color. Reverse of custom challenge coin. 2D swirl edge cut on antique gold. 2D swirl edge cut on antique gold. Beautiful 3D gold/silver plated coin with wave edge cut. Highly reflective 3D gold coin with extreme detail. 3D diamond edge cut USMC coin. 2D reverse with two types of borders: diamond edge cut and rope. Detailed 3D image with petal edge cut and epoxy. 3D petal edge cut coin with highly detailed horse and rider.

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