Frequently Asked Questions

+ When will my coins arrive?
We read NWTM (a competitor) went out of business and how customers waited up to 6 months for their products. Unacceptable. We're very sorry to hear how NWTM treated their customers, this is not how Cobra Coins operates. Our typical completion time once payment clears until you receive your coins is roughly 5 weeks. The current industry standard is 6 weeks.

+ Can I get my coins faster?
Yes, we offer our Expedited Service which pushes your custom coin to the front of the production line allowing you to get your coins much faster without sacrificing quality. Just add 10% to the quote you received.

+ Is there a minimum order for custom coins?
There's no minimum purchase at Cobra Coins. You can order 1, 2, 17 coins - there's no minimum. We suggest creating a single sample for any order. This way you know exactly how your product will look and feel. Requesting a change to your die/mold after it has been purchased will result in a new die/mold fee because a new die/mold will need to be created.

+ What's the difference between 2D and 3D coins?
A 2D coin is an excellent, cost effective way to mint your image onto a coin. 2D coins have raised and recessed areas for enamel colors to be added. Coins containing mostly text and basic images should be created as a 2D coin.

3D coins have multiple layers of depth and capture incredible amounts of detail which are lost in 2D coins. Images such as shields, police badges and some logos appear best as a 3D coin.
3D vs 2D

+ Can I resell my coins?
Yes! Your coins are yours to keep, display, sell, hand out, etc.

+ Do you charge customer set up fees?
Absolutely not. We do not charge set up fees or account maintenance fees or any other silly sign-up fees. We treat people right. Be cautious of competitors with extra charges like these. Those fees pay for your contact info to be saved in a Word document - crazy, huh?

+ Why are your prices lower than other competitors?
We offer the same high quality coins at a substantial lower cost to you. The only difference between Cobra Coins and our competitors are our lower prices. In fact, we encourage you to shop around - just don't buy from them...

+ Do you offer discounts?
Yes, Cobra Coins offers many discounts. Returning customers also qualify. If you see your employer's logo on our site - let us know. You probably qualify for this discount, but you have to inform us. Also, on our home page right now, there's a link to take a short 2 minute survey. Upon completion, you'll receive your discount code. Only one discount allowed per transaction.

+ What is Epoxy and do you recommend it?
Epoxy is an optional, permanent, clear and protective coating added to the top of your custom coins. Our professional opinion is this: if you will carry your custom coin daily, epoxy will serve as good protection against minor scratches and dings. Coins intended for display do not need epoxy. Your coin's enamel will not fade and will not smear with or without epoxy.

Note: some competitors use the cheaper forms of epoxy. Get the best products from Cobra Coins at low prices.

+ What is a diamond/swirl/wave/petal cut?
An edge cut is an optional edge design located around your coin (but not on the rim itself). It adds a beautiful flare to your coin. For the best look to your coin, be sure to include one of these cuts. Examples of each cut can be found on our Design page.
Limited Time Offer!

+ What's the difference between a metal coin and a metal alloy coin?
Metal coins are made from solid brass which is a heavier metal.

Metal alloy coins are coins created from a lighter mixture of metals. Metal alloy coins are a great, cost effective way to get coins at a lower price than metal coins.

Cobra Coins uses new, solid pieces of metal striking with 60 - 170 tons of pressure. Pistons and hydraulics use both sides of your "die" to mint your design onto your metal coin. Our U.S. Mints produce quarters and other coin currency the exact same way.

+ What is a die and what is a mold?
A die is a large, solid steel cylinders used to mint your coin. Two are needed for every coin: a front and a back.

A mold is used for metal alloy coins. Rubber molds are created and the alloy metal is poured into the molds to create your coins. We reserve the right to use this method when 1) there is a significant amount of coin detail 2) the metal version of your coin has failed to meet our high standards 3) we are unable to create a steel die for your coin's unique shape.

+ How much is shipping?
Shipping rates vary greatly from site to site. We choose to make close to zero profit from shipping - it's actually stated in our Terms of Use! Coins are easy to ship, they're just heavy. We firmly believe it's bad business for companies to overcharge for shipping. Cardboard and bubble wrap aren't $19.95. Click here to see our nearly accurate rates.

+ How can I submit my design to Cobra Coins for a free price quote?
Sending us your design is easy! Simply email us your: sketch, drawing or digital artwork and we'll send you a quote fast:

+ What types of payment do you accept?
Currently, we accept most major credit/debit cards, PayPal (no account required), Western Union and personal/business checks. Please note: use caution and conceal your payment well when mailing. We also accept payments by phone. PayPal is the fastest, easiest and safest payment method.

+ Can I put my logo on my coin?
Yes, of course! Your logo, slogan, actual photos, highly detailed images and so much more can be put on your coin. If you can design it, we can mint it.

+ What other shapes besides a coin are possible?
We can mint shields, ovals, squares, U.S. state shapes and virtually any shape and size - challenge us!

+ How long until I get a price quote for my coin?
Usually, we can provide a custom coin quote within a few hours of receiving your email (during normal business hours). Response time varies for weekends and holidays. There is zero obligation to purchase. Be sure to check your Spam folder! Our email address is:

+ Will I be charged a die/mold fee for reordering?
No, your dies will be kept in stock for 2 years, starting on the date of the first purchase. You may reorder as many times and as many custom coins as you wish: without incurring another die/mold fee. However, requesting a change to your original die/mold after it has been purchased will result in a new die fee because a new die will need to be created. Be cautious of competitors who:
1. charge die/mold fees for every reorder and
2. do not keep your dies in stock for at least 2 years

+ How often can I reorder my coin?
You may reorder as many times as you wish! We will keep your die in stock for 2 years. Reorder as many as you need and as many coins as you need without incurring a second mold fee. However, requesting a change to your original die/mold after it has been purchased will result in a new die fee because a new die will need to be created.

+ What's inside my coin?
Your minted coins are created from new, solid metal using TONS of pressure. Inside your coin is more new, solid metal.

+ What is a reed edge?
A reed edge is an optional, raised, ribbed rim added to your coin. This is similar to a quarter and dime's rim (click photo below). Without the reed edge, your coin's rim will be smooth, similar to a nickel or penny's rim.

+ How is my coin created?
Your minted coins are created from new, solid pieces of metal. Both dies strike both faces of your coin with your design. Hydraulic pistons mint your design onto your coin using 60 - 170 tons of pressure.

+ I've never made a coin before; can you help me design a coin?
Absolutely! Email us as much information as possible and we'll get started designing a stunning custom coin for you. Be sure to include any colors, text, names, logos and/or any other special designs you would like on your coin.

If you already have a design and would like to draw it yourself, you can print out a coin template from our Design page. Scan it then email it to us for a free, no obligation coin quote. Once you approve your final design, production begins immediately after payment clears. It's that easy!

+ How can I check the status of my order?
Once payment clears, we begin work right away - we don't wait. If you prefer, we'll send you emails roughly once a week updating you on the status of your order, but feel free to email us any time! We'll also send you a Tracking Number to follow your order straight to your door.

+ Can I have a sample made first?
Yes, single sample coins can be created for you. There is no minimum coin order at Cobra Coins.

+ Can you add tiny details to my coins?
Yes, Offset Printing is available for the finer details of your coin at no additional charge. Contact us today!

Please feel free to contact us at:

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