Coin Pricing Info

Because competitors view our site, we keep our low prices off our site. Our quotes are always free: We offer price breaks on coin sizes, coin quantities and even metal finishes.

Shipping Details

We choose to make as close to zero profit from shipping as possible. Coins are easy to ship. They're just heavy. It's bad business when companies overcharge for shipping.

It doesn't cost $24.99 to ship two coins. FYI: For $19, we can ship 200 coins to New York, California, Alaska or Hawaii. Below are shipping estimates.

Shipping 1.75" coins and smaller anywhere in the U.S.:
1 - 10 coins = $6 Shipping
11 - 200 coins = $19 Shipping
201 - 400 coins = $38 Shipping
401 - 600 coins = $57 Shipping
601 - 800 coins = $76 Shipping
801 - 1000 coins = $95 Shipping, etc.

Shipping is roughly $19 for every 200 coins (1.75 inches). Once shipped, all products arrive in 4 business days (excluding Sundays and major holidays).

For an exact shipping price, please contact us with your:
- Address
- Coin size &
- Number of coins

International Shipping
Please contact us for actual international shipping prices. Please include your:
- Complete address
- Coin size &
- Number of coins

Once shipped, all products arrive in roughly 10 business days (excluding Sundays and major holidays).

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