1. Free Edge cut

Receive a Free Edge Cut for one side of your coin - on your entire order by simply including: on the bottom rim of your coins.

Receive any Free Edge Cut by adding including us on the rim of your coins!

This incredibly small word located on the bottom rim of your round coin will not take away from your beautiful design. In fact, your Free Edge Cut on one side of the coin will actually enhance its appearance. Just request the Free Edge Cut of your choice when you email us at:

Tell us which edge cut you would like and where (Front or Back) to add your stunning edge cut - for free. We can offer our beautiful edge cuts at zero cost to you as a Thank You for lowering our advertising costs. Edge cuts add merit, valor and beauty to further underscore your message. Email us today for a free coin quote and your Free Edge Cut.

Swirl Edge cut

Wave Edge cut

Petal Edge cut

Diamond Edge cut

*Please note: this offer does not apply for coins with a reed edge. A reed edge is a raised, ribbed option added the rim of your coin. This is similar to a quarter or dime's rim.

**Also, some competitors don't mention their name is already added to your coin. Some competitors charge a fee to remove it from your coin. Cobra Coins does not operate in such a heinous manner. Our name only appears with your permission. This is a great way to get an absolutely free edge cut for one side of your coin!

2. Survey Form

Take our 2 minute survey and receive a discount off your entire purchase.

3. Monthly Deal
For this entire year, Cobra Coins will offer monthly deals. Each month a new deal becomes available. All deals end the last day of the month - request a free quote today!

Receive 50 Free Coins in addition to your entire order just by mentioning this Monthly Deal (at least 200 coins must be purchased to use this offer). If you order 200 coins, now you receive a total of 250 coins - if you order 500 coins, now you receive a total of 550 coins, but you must mention this offer! Offer must be used within 3 months after receiving our February quote. No additional discounts and/or offers may be used. Email us today!

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